Saturday, January 15, 2011

focus on the prize.

takes two weeks to break a habit and i believe that is how long it takes to mentally focus on eating healthy. i always think by the second weekend it is easier to turn down delicious food. it is easier to put on a pair of sneakers to take a walk. it is easier to prepare food that won't put on the pounds.

i have packed my lunch 10 work days in a row. and for me that is such an accomplishment. usually i buy lunch at school and it is so unhealthy. chicken nuggets, pizza, chicken patty, cheese steak... just to name a few. it takes me ten minutes of my time to pack my lunch at night and already i know it is worth it.

tonight i have a softball party to attend. this party of course will have all my favorites but i really plan on eating nothing there. nothing. chew gum.

hoping to break 150 two weeks from today. want to stay focused on the prize. aiming for 140. that will be the prize.

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