Sunday, March 28, 2010

Love it

Love the idea about writing down the foods that you *didn't* eat...what a great idea! Sounds like you're doing excellently in spite of the deluge of Easter goodies...especailly the jelly beans.

I'm hovering at the 10 lb mark but it's OK. Tmr I'm off all food except liquids in preparation for a colonoscopy - YUK! Can't wait til that's over. But one thing about being forced to eat nothing is that one realizes that eating only certain foods (like on a diet) is a piece of cake after that. I'll take this as an opportunity to detoxify. NO doubt will be losing a few lbs after that.

Nonni got me a Mediterranean Vegan cookbook - perfect! All kinds of wonderful meatless and dairy-less recipes to try.

Tonight we went to this Italian restaurant across the road - can't remember the name. I had pasta with marinara sauce and a salad and a roll. It's pretty impossible to stick to this meatless diet in a restaurant. Fortunately, it was the worst plate of pasta I've ever had. The sauce was terrible, the pasta overcooked so they did me a huge favor really - I mostly ate the bread. And we had cheese pizza at Paul's this afternoon which was far superior to this dinner tonight.

Anyway, keep up the good work. Love you.


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