Sunday, March 28, 2010

Educating Myself.

This weekend flew by... ugh... but only a four day week.. i think i can handle that!:)

I continue to research this weight loss stuff daily and found out some new information. I have calculated exactly how many grams of fat, carbs and protein i should consume in a day with my caloric intake.

42 grams of fat---383 calories
71 grams of protein---284 calories
216 grams of carbs---886 calories

I am figuring out how to read labels on food and how to apply it to my life and what i put in my mouth. pretty amazing. it is all math. i also learned what kind of carbs i should be eating...complex carbs(fruit, veggies, wheat). they take longer to burn... hence staying full longer... all those simple carbs (junk food, sugars, white bread, pasta) makes you feel hungry because you burn them off so fast!

Starting this week i am going to add one day of exercise. lately i have been getting the itch to go and run in this beautiful weather. no more then a half an hour and i want to do it because I "want to" and "love to" run not because i "have" to run to lose weight.

one last great idea--- Keep a food log of foods i didn't eat!! LOVE THIS! so for all those times I turned away food i love, I write it in a log... how motivating... it will show me how strong my will power... maybe i will just post it on this blog. today i turned town sour cream, cheese, tortilla chips, and jelly beans! On Friday, i turned down french fries and yesterday i turned down french fries too!

on to the week.

Hope all is well. love you.


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