Monday, March 1, 2010

Good Bye Fat February... Helloooo Mini March

Yes... i am back. it has been a rough february... i would say that i was doing a good job until the first big snow storm hit...

after that it was all down hill... drinking hot chocolates, eating junk food, eating out, weekends were rough... i had parties every weekend in february... thanks to a wedding coming in march... i am bachelorette partied, super bowl partied, and bridal showered out... food, drinks, everywhere!

Back on track... short term goal is to just get back to eating healthy again. back on my points... i weighed myself on friday afternoon and i was 148...damage wasn't horrible but enough to make me get focused again for the wedding.

figured i would weigh in again on thursday and keep those weigh-ins updated.

i have a wedding on march 20th...hoping to feel confident in the way i look in my dress that night. another short term goal. 20 days. sounds so much better then 145 days.:)

i love food. love it... wishing i could eat anything i want and not gain a pound... but that just isn't the case...

5 months...

love you.

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