Saturday, January 6, 2018

Planning, Prepping, and Cooking

One of the goals that i wrote in my journal on tuesday was to learn how to be a better cook. i am a terrible cook. i went to catholic school for elementary and middle school and never had a culinary class offered to me. and i had no interest to learn in high school. i still really have no interest, but i am going to try really hard to enjoy it!

last night, i went through all the recipes shared with the group and picked out a few to try to cook. i wrote down the meals and jotted all the ingredients down that i needed on my grocery list. i went grocery shopping this morning and picked up pretty much everything. i did forget some key items and get mixed up with a few items too!

i decided to make the lasagna soup today since it is so cold. i opened the laptop, brought up the recipe and poured myself a glass of wine.
tim watched me and taught me a couple things as i started preparing the meal (he is the cook in the family.) i will be honest and share that i have never worked with sausage before. i was super grossed out taking the sausage out of the casing.
i made a few mistakes with the soup. i completely forgot to buy spinach to throw in it. and i didn't know there was a difference between marinara sauce and just any jar of sauce you can buy in a store. i bought a four cheese classico jar of sauce. whoops!
the soup still turned out really delicious! Thanks Kim for sharing this recipe! i'll be bringing leftovers to lunch on monday! during the rest of the week i am going to work on chicken soup, chicken pot pie soup, and some banana muffins! thank you for all your recipe ideas!

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