Saturday, May 6, 2017


i'm almost a week in to this whole exercise thing. and i am going to share with you all the thoughts that have popped in my head since the first day.

Day 1:

  • why am i out of bed right now?
  • i wish i was under my covers...
  • is the baby up?
  • i think i am going to die.
  • holy... I am not sure i am going to be able to make it the whole 25 minutes
  • i hate myself for not exercising in years... why did i do this to myself?
  • my whole body hurts... 
  • thank goodness it's over!
Day 2:
  • why am i out of bed right now?
  • man... I miss my pillow.
  • is the baby up?
  • i am only doing this because of all the others joining me... otherwise i would be in bed.
  • i can't believe so many other people are joining me.
  • my body hurts. 
  • my armpits hurt.
  • this is terrible... i can't breathe.
  • thank goodness it's over!
Day 3:
  • why am i out of bed right now?
  • i wonder when the baby will get up?
  • jumping jacks first thing in the morning suck.
  • i hate all this jiggling going on... so gross.
  • i wonder if i ever will get rid of this soft, mushy tummy?
  • jillian michaels is getting on my nerves. 
  • why do they use skinny people in the videos... i want to look like Anita.
  • i think i only have like eight minutes left...
  • thank goodness it's over!
Day 4:
  • why am i out of bed right now?
  • i can't wait until this is over...
  • lunges are hard enough to do... why do i have to use hand weights too?
  • how is this only Day 4?
  • keep going... you have others doing this with you.
  • thank goodness it's over!
Day 5: 
  • why did i not get up this morning and exercise?
  • it is so much harder to workout at the end of the day.. what was i thinking?
  • i should be relaxing on my couch.
  • i can't wait to relax on my couch.
  • its friday night and i am exercising. ugh.
  • i am over all this sweat.
  • thank goodness it's over!
Day 6:
  • thank goodness the kids are in bed.
  • i can have some quiet time for me and exercise.
  • huh... i was able to do all the push ups today.
  • wow. i was able to get through jumping jacks and jump rope without stopping.
  • i almost made it through the whole video without stopping for a break.
  • that wasn't so bad tonight.
i realized last night how completely negative i have been with this whole exercise thing. i have negative thoughts go through my head during the whole 25 minutes! i had a friend comment yesterday that she felt good doing Day 5 of the Shred! i had to start looking at the bright side of moving this body... i want to run again some day. i want to be healthy and not feel like i am dying when i chase after my kids. i went into tonights workout positive... and it went so much better! I'm going to try be positive about these thirty days... or should i say 24! 6 days down... only 24 to go!

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