Friday, February 15, 2013

SIx Week Progress Pictures

Operation Lose Baby Weight
January 2nd-(193.0)
 February 15th (175.0)
 January 2nd (193.0)
February 15th (175.0)
January 2nd (193.0)
February 15th  (175.0)

Wow. i decided to do a six week progress picture shoot. i always love seeing progress pictures of weight loss... it can be so motivating and help me stay on track. 

i decided to take my pictures in shorts so i could see change in my legs too... i remember taking the first set of pictures and feeling absolutely awful about myself. i remember thinking, "it took you over a year to get this way... it is a process." This is a process. i will take another group of pictures in another six weeks! 

hope everyone has a great weekend! Happy Friday!


  1. You're doing really well and look so good! Thanks for motivating me.


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