Saturday, January 26, 2013

change of plans.

last night, tim and i planned to have a date night in town. my parents were going to keep landon over night so we could sleep in a little this morning. i was looking forward to it ALL week. but then... it snowed. i hate snow. i think it ruins everything. i hate driving in snow. yes, i am that super slow person in the right lane that is PETRIFIED of losing control of my car and smacking into someone else.  my hands are gripped so tightly on the wheel that my knuckles turn white. so, as to not cause accidents and put other drivers at risk, i try to stay off the road the best i can during any chance of a snow storm.

i told tim i didn't want to take landon out in the weather. and even though i know tim doesn't mind driving in the snow, i heard traffic was a bear. so our date night changed from an evening out to an evening at home.

tim stopped at the grocery store on his way home last night and picked up a pork tenderloin and two red potatoes. he put the pork and potatoes together with some carrots and garlic and baked it for about an hour. it was perfect for a cold, snowy evening. it was so warm and flavorful. it was delicious (well, except for the cooked carrots).
and of course, landon had the leftovers for lunch today... thank goodness he loves cooked carrots...:)
what meals do you eat feel warm and cozy on a cold evening? 


  1. haha, we had pork tenderloin and potatoes on friday night too! in the crockpot though... :)gonna try to make an apple & parsnip soup this week...if i can find the time and get griffins cooperation before the ingredients go bad!

  2. too funny!! i should really use my crock pot to try recipes... just set it and forget it!

    let me know how your apple and parsnip soup turns out!! sounds delicious! :)


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