Wednesday, December 19, 2012

it has been a while...

i have had many people wonder when i was going to get blogging again. i apologize for not keeping everyone up to date with Landon. he is doing REALLY good and Tim and I are just adoring him. we simply can't get enough of his precious face.

landon has hit some big milestones over the past few months. he now eats solids, rolls over and sits like a champ. his favorite thing to do is sit. he will sit and play with a toy for sometimes thirty minutes. over the past couple of months, he has also developed a nice schedule. i LOVE a schedule. it must be a teacher thing.

he is still wearing his helmet. he will probably be wearing it for at least four more months since his head was so severe. his noggin is look better and he is looking good with the helmet. i have enjoyed blinging it every month. i just changed it up for the holidays...he is now ready for santa!

torticollis is coming along. it is a long process that i am just learning to accept and work with. his tilt is looking good and he is able rotate his neck more to the left every week. his physical therapist is EXCELLENT and she has been showing me lots of exercises and stretches to do with him at home.

and finally, an ear update. landon's ears were checked by dr. j today and they are all clear and ready to go for his next hearing test... which happens to be tomorrow.  we haven't had a hearing test done since he was six weeks old and that is when we were given the devastating news that our little baby has severe hearing loss and both ears were abnormal... so needless to say i am a little nervous. but tim and i are ready to accept any news we are given and keep moving forward with landon. we will do anything to help him succeed in this world.

i hope to get an update on the hearing results by christmas. thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers. we are lucky to have wonderful family and friends like you!

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