Friday, September 21, 2012


this time tomorrow...i'll be on the road... it is my turn to go on vacation!! i have never been on vacation in September... but i am super excited to do so! i am expecting it to be less crowded since many families have kiddos back in school...we are just heading to the jersey shore but it is the idea of getting away from these four walls that make it exciting. i need a vacation. bad.

i decided to weigh myself today since i will not be around for the weigh in on monday... and the number is 184.8. that puts me at almost a ten pound loss since i started on September 4th!

but we all know what happens on vacations... ugh. i do plan on eating my favorite food on saturday night (chicken wings!!). and then hoping to eat in moderation throughout the rest of the week. i am also packing my sneakers and walking my baby every day... maybe twice a day!
(hanging out while mom gets ready for VACA!!)

hoping to get a couple blog posts going while at the beach... i can't wait to get my toes in the sand, hold my baby in my arms, and relax listening to the ocean.

any suggestions on how to keep it together on vacation and not fall completely off the wagon?

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  1. Suggestions? Eat slow... walk a lot... Eh, don't worry too hard. It's vacation, HAVE FUN!!!


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