Monday, September 10, 2012

Under the boardwalk...

had my weigh-in this morning... and after a week of doing Jillian and counting calories... i lost 5.6 pounds. the scale said 188.6 this morning. i was happy to see this number and get out of the 190s. 

i have decided to take this weight loss journey down a different path than i usually take it. i usually am super strict and determined to lose as FAST as i can. not this time. this time, i have accepted the fact that it took me nine months to pack it on... so i am giving myself nine months to get it off. 

did i stick perfectly to my 1400 calories? no. i had a wonderful weekend away with friends at the shore and the last thing i wanted to do was count calories as i ate my gyro on the boardwalk. did i do jillian every day this week? no. i took a break over the weekend. it would look silly doing lunges with a bicep  curl with friends watching so i just walked the boardwalk. 
(Landon's first trip on the boardwalk)

(Playing with Tucker at the beach house)

for now, i plan on counting calories and exercising on a normal day schedule. however, when special things occur, i will enjoy. otherwise... this weight loss will be MISERABLE. i have six months. six WHOLE months. that gives me until march 6th... pre-pregnancy weight by March 6th. so doable. so not stressful. 

completed Day 5 of The Shred today... my body doesn't hurt nearly as much as it did last week and i am able to hang with jillian better than Day 1, that's for sure. and tim made a delicious wheat pasta with broccoli and tomato... totally hit the spot. 
so even though i enjoyed eating this weekend, i still was able to get focused again this week. hoping for another loss next week. even if it is just a pound!

Next weigh-in: Monday, September 17th

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