Thursday, August 2, 2012

a quiet week.

it took eight weeks. but landon and i have finally had a quiet week. we only had one doctors appointment and one Physical Therapy session. we enjoyed the days by meeting friends and relaxing at home. we hit just a minor bump this week with our little guy. he stopped taking bottles and screamed through almost everyone of them for the past five days... we took him to the doctors, and it is confirmed he has reflux. doctor said it is very common for babies to get this with torticollis.

we really enjoyed our week. we were able to visit friends, relax and get graduate work done. landon hit a few milestones this week... he is grabbing and holding on to toys. and my mom and i teared up when he lifted his head SUPER high for about a minute during tummy time yesterday! we love seeing that little neck get stronger!

i missed him lifting his head SUPER high...i think he got tired by the time i had my video ready,  but you can see his eyes in this video!

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