Monday, January 16, 2012

never use google.

a friend of mine asked where i was going to go with this blog now that i am pregnant... i told her i didn't want to bombarde everyone with pregnancy things because really how much can you take of that? but reality is... that's my life right now. i wake up. i think, i'm pregnant! i go all day. and think, i am pregnant! i go to bed and roll over. and think, i'm pregnant! so i will try to keep this pregnancy thing to a minimum... but i just can't help it! :)

the reason i have been quiet this past week is because...  I received a phone call tuesday night from my doctor and was told that i have an enlarged spleen (they found it on my ultrasound)...  my first thought was "what the heck is a spleen?" and one thing i have learned in this process is to NEVER use google.
after i googled "enlarged spleen" i frightened myself to death and stressed myself out for four days straight. after another doctors appointment, oodles of more blood testing and poking... everything came back wonderful and fine... the doctor has come to the conclusion that this could just happen because of pregnancy or maybe i have always had a slightly enlarged spleen (normal spleens about 12 cm and mine is about 14 cm) and we will be keeping an eye on it through the next few months with ultrasounds and check ups.

lots of ups and downs with the pregnancy...

praying that both me and the baby can finish the next nineteen weeks happy, healthy and stress free. i really want to enjoy this pregnancy.

have you ever scared yourself to death googling something?


  1. Google almost convinced me I had rheumatoid arthritis! Then I remembered that I had been doing handstands and cartwheels the night before:)

  2. google-ing stuff is always dangerous...and can quickly spiral out of control! is this related to your gb issue? or totally unrelated? i hope everything is good for you from here on out!


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