Wednesday, July 20, 2011

bathing suit dilemma.

this time next week, i will be in mexico! as i inch closer to our trip... i am questioning whether or not i should go out and buy a new swimsuit...

i hate bathing suit shopping. i hate everything about it. i hate the fact that i have to keep all undergarments on when trying on a suit... i absolutely understand the reasoning behind it.. and that 1) creeps me out and 2) creeps me out. but leaving those undergarments on makes everything look "bigger" because of the layering.

i can't go suit shopping with a friend. because the last thing i want to do is POP out of a dressing room and show off the suit to every tom, dick and harry shopping in the store. so i avoid bathing suit shopping like the plague every summer until i absolutely have to go.

i am guilty of purchasing a bathing suit and wearing it until the color starts fading... one summer, a few years ago, i wore the same bathing suit for so long that when i was paddle balling on the beach, my bikini top popped off while i was picking up a ball. the material just shredded. talk about embarrassing! i wear bathing suits for as many summers i can... because i hate bathing suit shopping that much!

last year i sucked it up and bought a two piece for my honeymoon. and i only wore it for that week on my honeymoon. it has been in my dresser ever since.
as of right now, i am really only comfortable in a one piece, so i can cover up those do i wear my two piece from last summer? buy a new two piece that i am more comfortable wearing? or stick to the one piece?
decisions... decisions...

how do you feel about bathing suit shopping?


  1. i hate bathing suit shopping too....but I think you should wear the two piece. Embrace the body God gave the curves and be confident that you have a husband who loves you and a body that there are plenty of women in this world that would love to have!

  2. marsi... this is EXACTLY what i needed to hear.. thank you so much! :)


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