Wednesday, June 1, 2011

the ugly.

i have had a super rough last couple of days... i told tim, that i wasn't going to blog because i was totally off track of my eating and exercising and felt guilty...tim said "you shouldn't just blog about the good... you should blog about the bad and ugly too." he is right.

my afternoon cravings have been intense. i have been dying for chips and crackers. pretty much anything that is not healthy and full of empty calories.

last night for dinner. tim made an AWESOME pasta dish. it had onion, garlic, cajun seasoning, crushed tomatoes and half and half. the pasta was white. not wheat. i enjoyed EVERY bite of this dinner. and for dessert. i started off with a cadbury egg. ate a cookie. and ended the night with a cowtail.

i stopped running over the past two days because of the 96 degree temperature. it is just way hot to run after work. yep. this is an excuse. and a bad one at that.

starting fresh. i am not waiting until monday. i am trying to learn to stop waiting until monday. because usually monday comes and goes... and unhealthy habits start to stick.

thank you for reading my blog. it really holds me accountable... especially when things get ugly.


  1. Theresa, it's so funny you posted this because I have been feeling the exact same way this week! I just couldn't control myself after the holiday weekend! But you're right - waiting for Monday is's all about balance - deprivation is bad, but so is totally letting yourself go. Have a great weekend - I'll be eating healthy and thinking of you! :)

  2. it must be that time of the year... something about summer weekends and school getting out makes me want ice cream and junk. it is so hard to get that balance... really hard! :)


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