Thursday, June 23, 2011

just me and the cap'n.

somehow on our grocery trip TWO weeks ago, a box of Cap'n Crunch's Crunch Berries cereal ended up in our shopping cart. i don't want to point fingers... but i think the guilty person was my other half in the grocery store...
two weeks later... and we still had a full box of crunch berries in the cabinet. for some reason, tim buys a box of cereal, eats a bowl for breakfast on the weekend, and then forgets about it.

on monday morning i saw the cap'n just smiling down at me wanting me to enjoy a bowl of his crunch berries. i looked at the nutrition label on the box. 100 calories for 3/4 a cup. in those 100 calories, it was mostly sugar and very little nutrients. but that didn't seem to bother me because i enjoyed it so much that i ate another bowl on tuesday, and then on wednesday. oh and this morning.
i love cereal. i have the biggest problem with cereal though. i sometimes feel like i can eat a whole box. it is so hard to stop eating it... especially when it is a sugary cereal. i am learning to measure out my cereal and milk and save the rest for another day.... oh. and try to make sure that those fun kid cereals don't end up in our shopping cart.

what is your favorite kids cereal?


  1. I LOVE cereal too. It's such a good late-night snack!! My favorite is Fruit Loops ;)

  2. Captain Crunch was my very favorite when I was pregnant with Lisa- oh how I loved that stuff!! We named her 'Our Captain Crunch Baby"

  3. there is something great about a kid's cereal! my favorite is reese's peanut butter puff cereal!!


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