Thursday, June 9, 2011


when i got home from work today, i was soaked in sweat and super hot. i sat down at my computer and followed my usual routine of reading facebook status updates and i read the following...

"Likes DDs frozen hot choc! What a duh! kind of good idea! Yum! Probably terrible nutritionally but it's ok b/c it's already 90! :p"

"dunkin donuts frozen hot chocolate is yummy!"

after reading these two updates... i immediately wanted to drive to dunkin' donuts and buy a frozen hot chocolate. i was hot and cranky. and this sounded amazing!

however, as the evening went on. i got lazy and had no desire to drive anywhere... tim even pulled the old "you fly, and i buy" trick... and i still didn't want to drive to pick one up...

then i got hit with an idea. could i make my own? i googled recipes and found one to tweak...


3 packets of Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate packets
1.5 cups of 1% milk
2 cups of ice
hershey syrup (optional)

Blend together the milk, hot chocolate packets and ice...

drizzle some chocolate syrup on top (mine is the one with the orange straw) and viola! you have a frozen hot chocolate... for TWO! and a little extra if your significant other wants to top their drink off.
it ended up being 235 calories per comparison to a small Dunkin' Donuts frozen hot chocolate for 430 calories.

i am still looking forward to the day i try a real frozen hot chocolate from DD but for now, i will settle on my little homemade one.

happy thursday!


  1. you go girl!! i'm sure your version was JUST as tasty, and only half as bad for you! So much for my 'it's half ice' reasoning! and to think I had the nerve to order a Medium this morning! did get me through the morning! :) I'll have to try to make your version sometime soon!

  2. This totally inspired me. I've been craving one all week. We're having your recipe tonight! - Renee

  3. Renee- let me know how it goes! I hope you enjoyed it!! :)

    Lauren-you are so funny! you were my inspiration!


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