Tuesday, May 17, 2011

new path.

i lost twenty pounds... i lost twenty pounds in four and a half months.

this is not the first time i have lost twenty pounds. this is my eighth time. which means i have gained twenty pounds, seven times, over the last 10 years.

a friend of mine asked "you lost twenty pounds...what is your new goal?"

my new goal is to learn as much as i can about maintaining my weight loss. my new goal is to never say "twenty pounds to go..."

losing the weight was hard work. but i know that maintaining my weight will be harder...

i am so fortunate to have a strong support system around me. my husband, tim, has been very patient with me. my co-worker, melissa, has been on this path with me. my family and friends, have been reading my blog and holding me accountable.

hoping this support systems sticks with me as i continue on this journey... i am in the fork in the road. i can either gain the weight back in one direction. or maintain my weight in the other.

i am choosing the path that leads me to be more happier... the path that leads me to be more confident. hoping the path stays smooth and has very little bumps.

any suggestions on how to maintain weight loss??!!


  1. Leave that fork stuck in the road...don't pull it out and use it! That was so lame. I'm sorry! :)

    As for maintaining, try your best to continue the habits you've been developing. Keep eating your chobani and looking for foods that fill you up!

  2. ha! betsy! you are so funny!

    that is my plan... trying to stick to my routine... i just sometimes think "i lost 20 pounds, i totally deserve to eat all this crap" and then it all sneaks up on me again...

    fingers crossed that i don't feel and think that way anymore! :)

  3. I seriously had a bad eating weekend! Your blog tonight has jump started me for the week! I am slowly trying to get back into a workout routine after hurting my back, and my eating has suffered a ton due to the free time I have when I don't work out! Time to get back on the wagon!


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