Monday, April 25, 2011

sweet distractions.

i made it through the easter weekend! i have to be honest. it was so hard. super hard.

i started off easter sunday with chobani yogurt in hopes that the protein would fill me up and i wouldn't be famished going to the party.

when i arrived...i had just a taste of all my favorites (taco dip and buffalo dip)

a very close family friend, corrine (an avid blog reader!), made a delicious and healthy salsa to go with chips! I ended the chip fest, dipping in her salsa and walked away from all the appetizers.

dinner was a success...but then...

came the dessert table... Candy, cookies, and cakes were EVERYWHERE!! i ate a cookie and some malt eggs and then used my niece and nephew as my sweets distraction.

i walked with logan.

and snuggled with mckenna.

and stayed far, far, far away from the kitchen. i enjoyed the company and tried to focus on catching up with family and friends rather than focusing on chips and dip.

and for that... i think i deserve a pedicure to bring in the spring season!

Happy Monday!

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