Thursday, March 31, 2011

Missing Simon?

i love american idol. i have been a fan since its first year. i loved the first three judges... Randy, Paula, and Simon.

i thought that i missed simon... until i realized something. the talent this year is amazing. more amazing then any year i have watched. the contestants seem to be more happy, less afraid and positive. simon really brought such a negative presence to the show and i never really noticed how it impacted the contestants. i can only imagine how it felt being told " you are horrid" or "that was the worst performance i have ever heard" I think i got so drawn into watching simon tear apart these people that it almost seemed natural... part of this world. like people should be torn apart to get better, to improve. but i don't think that is entirely true. i agree that sometimes receiving negative comments pushes me to do better and work harder... but i am realizing that positive comments, a compliment goes much farther... and i think that is what i see happening in these new contestants... they have confidence. they are given constructive criticism that is helping them grow as performers. as people.

way to go steven tyler. jlo. and randy. for showing me how important a compliment is and keeping positive... even when it comes to fighting a french fry.


  1. i dunno, Jillian Michaels was giving me some negative comments tonight during my biggest loser workout and while i wanted to punch her in the face...a few times... i ended up burning 200 calories! haha, harry got home and wanted to create a profile on the game to get started. i didn't feel like doing any working out tonight, was feeling blah and lacking workout i agreed to just do a quick 15 min light yoga workout. Well, i must have pushed the wrong button or something because i ended up doing a 52 minute (not light) workout that kicked my ASS! but... at least i feel a bit better about that Chinese food i wolfed down afterwards!! :P btw, i called naima and thia leaving tonight. Go Haley and Casey and Durbin and Lauren!

  2. jillian michaels kicked my butt for 30 days... thought i could handle her for another 30 but that was a fail... she is ridiculous!!

    my favorites are haley and pia!! hoping a girl wins it this year! wooo hoooo!!


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