Wednesday, March 23, 2011

a fake out.

i feel as though i have been totally faked out. i could of sworn that it was time for spring. time to get out and run in warm weather. time to walk trails and parks. i even bet a friend that it wasn't going to snow anymore. boy was i wrong. tim and i were suppose to run today but i refuse to get my new kicks wet in this miserable weather. so instead, i got in cozy pajamas at 4:30 and wrapped myself up in a blanket. i had not even an inkling of motivation to work out.

onto a happier note! i cooked tim dinner tonight! he was tired when he got home from work and i offered to cook one of my favorite dishes...he agreed! so after a minor injury from the can and having undertoasted toast... it all worked out.

the dinner was about 300 calories! tim was still starving after the meal, so he ended the night with a handful of cookies... i guess i better keep working on my cooking skills.:)


  1. Theresa- this looks like a prison meal. I'm a fan of your blog but i'm not coming over for dinner:)

  2. hahahaha!!!!! i think i am going to leave the cooking to tim! :)


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