Friday, February 18, 2011

sweet ending.

friday night. tim and i usually have a date night on friday nights... but then again... since we have no children yet.. every night is pretty much a date night for us:)... we went to McKenzies tonight for dinner. we ordered lettuce wraps and a buffalo chicken 12 inch pizza to split. i had two pieces of the pizza (i picked the smallest ones!) it was so delcious!

i am learning how to eat portion controlled... why not have two small pieces of pizza for dinner... and not eat the whole half that is mine. i boxed it up and tim will have it for lunch tomorrow. one way for me to be successful at eating healthy is to let myself eat things i enjoy. and not be super strict all the time. i keep telling myself that it is OKAY to only lose a pound a week. it is OKAY.

the waiter at the restaurant asked if we wanted dessert... and if we wanted to look at the menu... tim said we would look... there was an awesome dessert on the menu called Peanut Butter Explosion... it was a chewy brownie layered with peanut butter sauce and fudge and sprinkled with peanut butter chips. I WANTED IT! tim looked at me and said "let's do dairy queen instead" i pouted and agreed. when we left i was SO happy I didn't give in to The Explosion!! i had a 250 calorie ice cream in a dish instead. thank you timothee. a sweet ending to the work week.

onto the weekend... :)

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  1. i love mckenzie's lettuce wraps! portion control is such a hard thing when you go out to eat. i'm seriously working on that one too! and how lucky are you to have such an awesome, understanding husband?! bonus points for tim!


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