Thursday, March 18, 2010

Woot! Woot!!

Down a pound... new number is... 142.5!! 12.5 pounds to go until my goal weight! i love this new way of eating healthy... it is so easy. and so less stressful... i used to get so upset if i didn't work out and sometimes it would cause me to eat... i used to think "oh well, i didn't exercise, i might as well eat these french fries." Now I am thinking that i need to stick to my calories because i am not exercising.

i do plan on eating my dinner at the wedding on saturday night... but hoping to stay away from the appetizers and desserts. maybe having a few drinks that are low calorie.

probably won't get around to blogging again until monday... busy with the wedding this weekend. hope all is well with you!

Love you.

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